Imported Biscuits and Rusks

Product code Product   Price
SA236 Choc Kits Original  200g $5.30
SA237 Cream Crackers 200g $4.50
SA238 Eet Sum Mor 200g $4.60
SA239 Kips Bacon and/or Biltong 200g $5.90
SA240 Marie Biscuits 200g $3.50
SA241 Nutticrust 200g $5.70
SA242 Ouma Rusks Breakfast - Apple 450g $9.40
SA243 Ouma Rusks Breakfast - 3 Seeds 450g $9.40
SA244 Ouma Rusks Breakfast - Blueberry 450g $9.40
SA245 Ouma Rusks Buttermilk - Chunky 500g $9.40
SA246 Ouma Rusks Buttermilk - Sliced 500g $9.40
SA247 Ouma Rusks Condensed Milk 500g $9.40
SA248 Ouma Rusks Muesli 500g $9.40
SA250 Pro Vita  250g $4.90
SA251 Red Label Lemon Cream 200g $3.60
SA252 Romany Creams Classic Choc 200g $5.50
SA253 Salticrax 200g $5.90
SA254 Tennis Biscuits 200g $3.90
SA255 Zoo Biscuits 150g $7.30
SA256 Bakers Strawberry Whirls   $6.40


 Prices are subject to change without prior notice.